Stop crying all the time, now you subconsciously lying all the time?

Tryna be someone else got you looking like a mime all the time.

With the strength of ten crackheads, how bout make a better rhyme this time!

Ever since you heard Blame Game, been waiting on Yeezy to teach you.

Haven’t prayed in so long, hell, Heaven couldn’t even reach you.

The table right there, you still waiting on somebody to seat you?

Your rhymes weak, effort weak, effort too tough

Too rough, trying too hard, that’s enough

That’s enough, stop talking down,

It’s just you and you, don’t drown.

Block out the noise, walk with your head up;


This positive shit weak, I’m over it.

Rewind, slow wind, slow grind

On me, I’m a phony

Only 19, boutta be 20

Rhyming like dur-duh-durrrreee

Issa onomatopoeia

Where you be at when I need ya?

You only call me when it’s convenient <Shout out Ta7J>

When I say something I mean it.

And if I don’t, I couldn’t have foreseen this.

You called me on my shit, no reply

Don’t have to explain it if you’ll never see it through my eyes









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