Beginners only..

If you are an expert, this space is not for you. Let me rephrase..If you think you’re an expert at whatever it is you do, leave. I am a beginner. Beginner writer, beginner lover, beginner adult. If you are like me, winner winner welcome to this chicken dinner. I am the main course. I run. Not the exercise, I run from my responsibilities, my problems, my bosses, my fears, everything but my bed. I’m going to share whatever I feel like on here. Sometimes, I won’t make sense. I’m almost 20, I’ve got to focus on the things that matter and I can’t unless I talk, write, express. It’s how I’ve always been and my friends are tiiiiiirrrrreeed. I figure starting a blog will help me clear some more space in my head — since writing in my notes, diary and recording myself on voice memos isn’t enough for my ego!! I’m G’Joi. It is pronounced “Joy”, “Joi”, not “Gee-Joy”, “Guh-Joi”. I like music, low lit rooms, denim on denim apparel. I prefer a sunset. Don’t care for the opinions of: white people, men. I don’t object the voices of those whose shoes I’ll never walk in. Peace


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